Welcome to UnderCover!

We are so excited to have you in class this year! This class will be hard and challenge you at times – maybe MANY times. But it will also be exciting, fun, enriching, enlightening, empowering, and hopefully one of your favorite classes during your time at ASA. You are going to learn a lot about life and about yourself just by learning how to read and think about books.

Purpose of class

There are several purposes to this class:

  1. Develop a greater love for the breadth of classical literature and the joy of getting to know an author and his or her thoughts.
  1. Learn how to think deeply and consider multiple possibilities.
  1. Share your thoughts clearly in class discussion and in your writing.
  1. Appreciate how truth and beauty can be found through literature.


As with most things in life, what you get out of this class will be directional proportional to what you put in.

This is a master level class, and the expectation is that you will show up prepared and engaged each week.

Prepared means that you will have completed the readings, have your typed writing assignments ready to hand in, and be ready to engage in the class discussion.

Your thoughts are important – and we look forward to hearing your unique perspective. In order to successfully include everyone, please remember the following class rules:

Show RESPECT to each other.

  • Ÿ give time for thinking and speaking
  • Ÿ make space for different opinions – disagree without being disagreeable

Manage your communication devices.

  • Ÿ put your phone away
  • Ÿ talk when it’s your turn

Give 100%.

  • Ÿbe prepared
  • Ÿparticipate

Class Structure

The structure of this class is simple. You will read articles, books, and short stories. Beyond just the plot, you will analyze more deeply and think about what the author is trying to say and what he or she does to help you understand their message. You will write your thoughts in essays. And you will come and discuss your thoughts with the rest of the class.

Contact Information

Please use the information handed out in the class to contact us.

Sister Mock
Sister Nelson