Week 9 11-3-2022


Complete Caught-yas 89 & 90. After rewriting the sentences, watch the videos below and make any corrections that you missed.

In case you missed it, here is 88 which we did in class.

FINISH reading The Chosen

Book 3 pages 173-245, chapters 13-18

WRITE your OWN discussion question to discuss in small groups next week.

ANSWER THREE discussion questions from EACH of the chapters below.

You will have written down answers to 18 questions in total.

Chapter 13

  1. Why is Danny so disappointed in experimental psychology in college? What was he hoping for? What does Reuven do to try to help Danny through his frustration in college?
  2. How did Reuven find his introduction to college? What did he like or dislike about it?
  3. What do you think Reuven’s father means when he says, “a blink of an eye in itself is nothing. But the eye that blinks, that is something?” (pg. 183) How does that relate to the theme of the book? What is he trying to teach Reuven?
  4. How does Reuven’s decision to become a rabbi compare with Danny’s professional choices?
  5. How does the debate over Zionism impact every aspect of Reuven’s life?
  6. Why does Reb Saunders force separation between Reuven and Danny? Do you think this is a good decision? What was the cause of his anger?

Chapter 14

  1. How does Danny seem physically at the start of this chapter? What does that symbolize?
  2. Consider the silence between Danny and Reuven. What does this reflect? What can Reuven learn from this?
  3. Why does Reuven get frustrated with Rav Gershenson?
  4. What is the huge event that happens on pg. 203-204? Why is it bittersweet?
  5. Why do you think Rav Gershenson waited for the most challenging discussion to call on Reuven? Why does Rav Gershenson warn Reuven never to use his logical methods in class?
  6. What is it that Reuven realizes about why his father was not teaching at this college?

Chapter 15

  1. Why does Reuven accept the silence between him and Danny?
  2. How does Reuven feel about his father not being able to travel to Israel?
  3. Why do you think Danny sits down with Reuven at the end of the chapter and breaks the silence between them?

Chapter 16

  1. What do you think is symbolized by Danny’s eyes now being bright and blue?
  2. What do you think Reuven’s father means when he says “what a price to pay for a soul?” (pg. 220)
  3. Why does Reuven dislike Reb Saunders more when he leaves than when he had entered? Do you think Reb Saunders was very happy to see Reuven? Why might that be important?

Chapter 17

  1. What does the silence teach Danny about himself and the world around him?
  2. Why was Danny in a panic when his brother was taken to the hospital?
  3. Contrast Levi’s physical health with what Reuven sees in his eyes.
  4. Why does Reuven’s father insist that Danny plan exactly how he will tell his father about being a psychologist?
  5. Reuven’s father gets upset at Reuven at the end of the chapter. Why? What has Reuven not learned and why is it so important?

Chapter 18

  1. Contrast Reuven’s description of Danny’s street now with the first time he saw it. What does this represent?
  2. What is Reuven hearing on page 235?
  3. Why does Reb Saunders tell Reuven that he is now a man?
  4. What is the purpose behind how Reb Saunders talks to Danny through Reuven? As Reb Saunders talks to Danny through Reuven, he reveals why he has raised him in silence. What is this reason?
  5. Why did Reb Saunders worry about how brilliant Danny was? What else did he worry about in how he raised Danny?
  6. What does Danny realize about his father during this discussion? What do you think Reb Saunders realizes about himself?
  7. What do you think are the primary messages in this book?
  8. Why do you think this book is called The Chosen?

READ the following article on imagery

https://writers.com/imagery-definition. Only read to the end of the 7 definitions – you don’t need to do the writing exercises.

WATCH the video on Tone and Mood

BEGIN THINKING about your NEXT Essay

You will be required to write an essay on one (or more) of the books we have read in class so far. You may pick one of TWO questions to choose from that focus on The Chosen OR you can write your own question/come up with your own thesis for any of the following or combination of novels: Animal Farm, To Kill a Mockingbird, Silas Marner, or The Chosen. We will spend time during the next few weeks to help you create theses and look for literary devices you can use in your paper. In the meantime, here are the three essay question options to choose from:

  • In The Chosen, every character, event, action, and idea seems to have a parallel, an opposite, or a complement. Identify several such relationships, and explain how those parallels support a theme of the novel.
  • Throughout the novel, Potok uses imagery of eyes, glasses, and other items associated with vision and perception. What do these images symbolize? Discuss several examples and show how they support a theme of the novel.
  • Create your OWN essay question derived from ANY of the books we have read in class so far using the following formula: In the novel (title), (author) uses (literary device) and (literary device) to show (theme). You are free to be creative and modify the thesis structure slightly.  If you choose this option, you will need to have your thesis approved by either Sister Mock or Sister Nelson BEFORE you start writing, preferably by November 3.

(The essay will be officially assigned on November 10th and be due on November 17th.)

If you choose the third essay “prompt,” you MUST have your thesis approved by Sister Nelson or Sister Mock on or before November 10th.

IF you made it this far…

I’d like to compile a “recommended/suggested” reading list for the Winterim. NONE of these books would be required reading at all. And I’d like to add little content considerations on each one – such as “On The Beach by Nevil Shute – CC, there’s a lot of alcohol in this book and the ending is very sad.” Stuff like that. It will help students know which books they want to read if they have a heads up regarding profanity, romance, violence, etc. I’ll make up a google doc for all of us to share and add to, but in the meantime, just start thinking about your favorite literary novels you’d like to add to the list.