Week 16: 3-2-2023


Complete Caught-yas 108 & 109. After rewriting the sentences, watch the videos below and make any corrections that you missed.

In case you missed it, here is 107 which we did in class.

READ this short biographical sketch on Ernest Hemingway


READ The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

IMPORTANT: This book is about an old man trying to catch a fish. Yep, all 124 pages of it! But obviously, it’s not actually only about a fishing trip. Your assignment is to read the book (more than once if you’d like/need to) and determine for yourself who/what the old man represents and who/what the fish represents. Come prepared to class with EVIDENCE from the book to back up your claim. We will be putting you on trial and you will need to convince the jury that your idea, although not necessarily the ONLY interpretation, is a VALID interpretation! (Don’t worry if your idea isn’t perfect. We are practicing interpreting texts by finding and following ideas, etc. while we read a book.)

TIPS: While reading – even the very first time – make notes EVERYWHERE in your book about things you think may be important later. Write questions in the margins, underline passages, write key words for specific topics/ideas you see floating around the book. Use sticky notes or bookmarks or SOMETHING so you can go back and quickly look through the book again for your evidence. In the end, you wont need everything you’ve marked, BUT if you do this as you go, it will benefit you IMMENSELY after you have decided who/what the man/fish is/are 😉 and you start gathering your evidence. Write up your notes in a way that will be easy for you to present to the class.

We will vote as a class on who makes the most convincing argument and the winner will get something dumb I pick up at dollar tree (or something better if I can think of a cool prize in time).

(Feel free to work a little bit on your presenting skills. We wont be judging your for that, just your ideas. But class will be more entertaining if we really get some classy speeches and testimonials going from the witness chair!)