Week 17: 3-9-2023


Complete Caught-yas 111 & 112. After rewriting the sentences, watch the videos below and make any corrections that you missed.

In case you missed it, here is 110 which we did in class.

FINISH your “Book Thief” Paper

If you turned your paper in LAST week, you should have it back already with LOTS of comments. (You did a good job!! The comments aren’t criticisms of you, but suggestions to help you clarify and make your paper as perfect as you can possible get it – because you are awesome and can do this hard thing. We believe in you!)

Rewrite your paper – USE YOUR WRITING MENTOR. Turn it back in next week on March 16th.

If you have NOT turned in your paper, get that thing finished ASAP! The semester will end sooner than you think. We have one more paper due this semester – the BIG one – and you don’t want to be stuck with TWO papers at the same time.

If you turned in your paper today (March 9th), we’ll hand it back to you next Thursday with some suggestions. You’re rewrite will be due the following week.

START reading Life of Pi

Read starting with the Author’s Note (page vii – in italics). That is part of the book! Then read ALL of part one. It will be pages 1 through 93.

ANNOTATE your book like crazy. Write down notes in the margins, questions, circle words or phrases that stand out. When we get back together next week we will get in small groups and discuss all the things you marked and try to pick up the beginning of themes, motifs, ideas, topics, and other things interesting to look for.

Don’t worry about answering study questions at this point, but if YOU come across anything weird and you want to discuss it with the class, write it down so you remember! We’ll take time to discuss everyone’s ideas and questions next week and every week until we finish the book.

FUTURE information

You will be assigned your FINAL paper on March 30th. It will be due April 13th (two weeks to write it, but one of those weeks is spring break). It will be 5 to 7 pages long, same format as before. You are allowed to write on ANY of the books we have covered in class. Choose a book and thesis that you are interested in. Show us how well you understand that book/character/theme/literary device, etc. PROVE to us that your interpretation is correct with detailed analysis and supporting quotes/evidence directly from the book. This is your time to take what you have learned and present it in one culminating and brilliant display of skill, prowess, intelligence, and magnanimity! You guys have come a long way from where we started with Animal Farm. Really push yourself these last few weeks. I think you will be amazed and very proud of how far you have come!

Essay Prompts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n_YoxPYi8u_cQpfrsQyKqPLTwHZRelOkR_f-7fBLodk/edit?usp=sharing