Week 18: 3-16-2023


Complete Caught-yas 114 & 115. After rewriting the sentences, watch the videos below and make any corrections that you missed.

In case you missed it, here is 110 which we did in class.

PICKLES Body Part Assignment

In class we practiced writing the the body paragraphs to an essay about The Fire Cat. I gave you the intro and thesis, and then in groups you had an assignment to write the body paragraphs to fit with the thesis. Your homework is to finish these paragraphs at home on your own. (You do not have to use what your group came up with, but you can if you want.) You MUST keep the following in mind:

1. All paragraphs MUST have a topic sentence. This sentence dictates what the paragraph is about. All quotes in your paragraph should support this topic sentence.

2. The argument of all your paragraphs together should directly support and prove your part of the thesis. Each individual paragraph doesn’t have to refer back to the thesis, but the paragraphs (topic) as a whole should reinforce and reference the thesis in obvious and direct ways. It makes sense to directly reference the thesis in your last paragraph.

If you weren’t in class, just pick a section to write.

Here is the story.

Here is the introduction and Conclusion, already written for you.

Here is the thesis: In the coming-of-age story, “The Fire Cat,” Averill shows Pickles’s progression towards maturity through his relationship and understanding of the other cats around him, his relationship and understanding of the people around him, and his relationship and understanding of himself.


Section 1: relationship and understanding with other cats — (3 paragraphs maybe)

cats in the yard, cats in the house, 1st cat up a tree — cruel, bully

cats in the firehouse — change

2nd cat up the tree — hero

Section 2: Relationship and understanding with people (3 paragraphs maybe)

Mrs. Goodkind – ungrateful, selfish

Joe – trying to fit in, a friend

the Chief – proves himself, a subordinate

Section 3: Relationship and understanding with himself (2 paragraphs maybe)

cruel, bully, selfish, lazy, mixed-up cat

purpose, applies himself, goals

remorse for past poor behavior, hero

CONTINUE reading Life of Pi

This week’s reading assignment is page 98 through 256 (or up to chapter 92).

The following pages/sections are intensely gory. It is hard to avoid ALL the gore, but hopefully these warnings will prepare you for the really intense parts. If a part of the story is really upsetting you, feel free to skim over it lightly or skip it.

page 125 – beginning of 126 – The hyena eats the zebra.

page 131 – last paragraph up until the end of the chapter – the orangutan dies.

page 201- very bottom of 201 to the end of the first paragraph on 202 – Pi kills and eats a turtle.

Keep marking up interesting/possible important symbols, themes, motifs, etc. Come to class prepared to share themes (remember, universal phrases – not just ideas like “fear” or “survival”) with the class.

FUTURE information

You will be assigned your FINAL paper on March 30th. It will be due April 13th (two weeks to write it, but one of those weeks is spring break). It will be 5 to 7 pages long, same format as before. You are allowed to write on ANY of the books we have covered in class. Choose a book and thesis that you are interested in. Show us how well you understand that book/character/theme/literary device, etc. PROVE to us that your interpretation is correct with detailed analysis and supporting quotes/evidence directly from the book. This is your time to take what you have learned and present it in one culminating and brilliant display of skill, prowess, intelligence, and magnanimity! You guys have come a long way from where we started with Animal Farm. Really push yourself these last few weeks. I think you will be amazed and very proud of how far you have come!

Essay Prompts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n_YoxPYi8u_cQpfrsQyKqPLTwHZRelOkR_f-7fBLodk/edit?usp=sharing