Week 19: 3-23-2023


Complete Caught-yas 117 & 118. After rewriting the sentences, watch the videos below and make any corrections that you missed.

In case you missed it, here is 116 which we did in class.

OUTLINING Assignment

Read the article linked HERE called “Rethinking the Rod of Iron.” This is a very recent religious studies publication from BYU Studies. I want you to notice the STRUCTURE of this article. Especially see if you can pick out his textual evidence and his analysis. He quotes A LOT of scripture (textual evidence – it’s easy to find) but then explains the scriptures and gives his ideas. This is his analysis. This is a fascinating essay that presents familiar information in a very new light and enlightens and opens our understanding to a well-known Book of Mormon story in a new enriching and uplifting way.

Your assignment is to make a short outline for his essay. It does NOT need to be super detailed or super long – half a page to a page is fine.  (A full page may even be too long.) I don’t want this assignment to bog you down, but I DO want you to see for yourself how important the structure of an essay is. Notice how his ideas flow into each other. I will be collecting your outlines at the beginning of class next week. (You are welcome to type up your outline also. Sometimes this is easier because the computer will do the formatting for you.)

If you aren’t familiar with outlining, here is a video to get you started. (Don’ worry, there are no grades! This is an exercise is becoming familiar with structure and finding textual evidence and analysis.) One thing he does wrong, though, is for every 1 there has to be a 2 and for every A there has to be a B, so on and so forth. He has that little “a” down there without a “b” under it and that’s bugging me. If you are going to put an A, make sure you have a B (you can also have a C, D, E, etc.) and if you are going to have a 1, make sure you have a 2 (you can also have a 3, 4, 5, etc.) Same with all the levels. You can’t just have 1 thing at that level. There has to be AT LEAST 2. If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it. No grades, remember. This is an exercise in seeing structure, not making a perfect outline.

FINISH reading Life of Pi

This week’s reading assignment is page 256 to the end – page 319. This is only 63 pages.

Feel free to skip from the top of page 307 “We’re all alone..” to the top of 311 “Mr. Chiba: What a horrible story.” These pages, really, are the only difficult ones to read. The rest of the reading assignment is REALLY interesting! So if the book has been difficult so far because of the gore, just know there isn’t much gore or disgusting material in the story – with the exception of those pages. Once you skip them, you may be able to pick up from context clues what happened. But if not and you’d like to know, email me or slack me and I’ll fill you in.

Keep marking up interesting/possible important symbols, themes, motifs, etc. Come to class prepared to share themes (remember, universal phrases – not just ideas like “fear” or “survival”) with the class.

FUTURE information

You will be assigned your FINAL paper on March 30th WHICH IS THIS UPCOMING WEEK. It will be due April 13th (two weeks to write it, but one of those weeks is spring break). It will be 5 to 7 pages long, same format as before. You are allowed to write on ANY of the books we have covered in class. Choose a book and thesis that you are interested in. Show us how well you understand that book/character/theme/literary device, etc. PROVE to us that your interpretation is correct with detailed analysis and supporting quotes/evidence directly from the book. This is your time to take what you have learned and present it in one culminating and brilliant display of skill, prowess, intelligence, and magnanimity! You guys have come a long way from where we started with Animal Farm. Really push yourself these last few weeks. I think you will be amazed and very proud of how far you have come!

Essay Prompts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n_YoxPYi8u_cQpfrsQyKqPLTwHZRelOkR_f-7fBLodk/edit?usp=sharing